Cartography Report Edit

An ancient king, Dain Frost, youngest of his line, had been sheltered among the poor of the city to protect his family name when a coup was attempted. He grew up among the poor, learning to beg and steal, watched in secret by a member of the King's Guard who swore to go into poverty alongside him to protect him. Upon returning and overthrowing the stewardship of the last 20 years, he founded the Lineage, and appointed many of his advisors to this order, to allow unfortunate mothers to leave their children to be groomed to be royalty some day. Immediately after its founding, the order was flooded with children, many of whom were abandoned in the hopes that they would receive better care in this house. Over the years, the orphans became advisors to the Kings, as the lineage never failed for hundreds of years. The 'Lineage' eventually came to be known as the 'Lineage of Dain'.

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