Total war rome ii oracle concept art by telthona-d6srdmm

Cartography Report Edit

During the Mythic Ages, the Immortals were the firstborn race, created by Elendyl in order to appreciate the Terra. Born from the Mother Child and the Tree Hrolgar, the Immortals were the purest race, their magic closer to that of the Tree. Immensely beautiful, they could give birth to new Immortals whenever they pleased, and enjoyed a constant ecstasy through communion with creation.

History Edit

After a time, the Immortals desired company in their appreciation of creation, and requested that a new race be made for them. Elendyl complied, and created Man. Man was shaped without the ability to create life, being separated from the magic of the Tree. In envy of the Immortals, Man sought out and raped the Immortal Nerendir, who birthed the orc-people from this undesired union. In retaliation, many Immortals took up arms and warred against Man, whilst a small faction retreated to a peaceful existence in the mountains, away from the torments of the world. Those that took up arms against Man were punished by Elendyl, stripped of their immortality, and forced from then on to partner with Man if they wished to create new life, becoming Women. In this way, both were forced to co-habitate and constantly struggle in their search for peace. Elendyl fashioned many of the beasts of Terra in this pattern.

Those few Immortals that didn't take up arms against Man resigned themselves to a solitary existence in the mountains of Terra, where they could commune with Elendyl in peace.

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